How to become a paralegal? Step-by-step.

Paralegal - grat way to start in law.

Paralegal – grat way to start in law.

If you want a challenging job in law, you’re happy to research and do complex tasks, becoming a paralegal usually takes the following steps:

  1. Finding the right school to get your degree
  2. Accomplish certification and getting state license
  3. Finding the right job in the field
  4. Accomplishing continuing education credits and maintaining your certification or degree

Finidng the right school is probably the most important part in this sequence, since it will determine not only the knowledge you will get, but also the internship you will be placed on upon graduation.

Sometimes prospective paralegals tend to relocate to another city or even state to study in the right school.

Nowadays employers increase their requirements to paralegals they want to hire, so getting a paralegal degree is necessary if you want to become one. The good news is that you can get your degree online, which a nice option if you already work full-time.

Except the traditional path described above, some people can become paralegals through on-the-job training while holding entry-level positions like court or legal secretary. Although it’s also possible, we advise to take the common path through training.

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